Fundacio Privada Centre CIM

Fundació CIM is a Private Institute of Technology affiliated to UPCBarcelonaTECH dedicated to R&D and knowledge transfer in relevant fields of manufacturing, automation and production management. CIM is distinguished as a reference centre in Manufacturing technologies, technological projects, research, innovation and training for industries. Fundació CIM is very intensive in machinery and production applications, with highly innovative labs in Machining, Additive Manufacturing, Metrology and Special Processes for manufacturing. Moreover, CIM manages XaRTAP, a Research Network in Advanced Production Technologies that combines the strength of 400 researchers in 11 academic different groups.

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CIM will participate actively in the main Prototyping and Manufacturing tasks throughout RESSEEPE. In particular, CIM will be involved in WP3 where it will address the technology development of low pressure patterning techniques (such as R2R printing, inkjet, screen printing, lamination) for EC foil production and it will collaborate in the Benchmarking activities (T3.7). Also, in WP4 CIM will be active in task T4.3, where it will contribute to the Methodology Design for energy efficiency Buildings.

Also, in WP5 CIM will contribute to the Process Planning and Design activities under T5.2 and T5.5; and will lead Task 5.8, which will be dedicated to the Manufacture of Prototypes for renovation solutions and its integration in the lab-building platforms, being responsible for the physical prototyping of the required machinery and equipment.
Moreover, due to its combination of Training and Research Profile, it will be especially involved in the Dissemination activities under T8.1, T8.4, T8.5 and T8.6, participating in conferences and organising and hosting a live workshop in M47.

Key Members:

Prof. Joaquim Minguella
Marta Martinez

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under Grant Agreement no: 609377