Separex SAS

SEPAREX is a SME specialized in supercritical fluid technology. As leader in the field, SEP is the sole company to offer both R&D services (Process development), toll manufacture and equipment design and construction. SEP proposes a wide range of R&D services for most applications of supercritical fluids and has been working with many companies ranging from SMEs to multinational firms involved in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, food and cosmetics, microelectronic and innovative materials industries. Recently, SEP has been more and more involved in applications related to Material Sciences, essentially for particle design for drug formulation, ceramics, metal powders, for nanostructured materials as catalysts and aerogels, made from both organic (including polymers) and inorganic compounds.

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Leader of Task: 7.5.

For the present project, SEPAREX will be in charge of the manufacturing of granular aerogels for its integration in mortars. Following the specifications required, the aerogels to be produced will have a size less than 2 mm of main diameter and the main properties will be a low thermal conductivity (λ<0.020Wm-1K-1), hydrophobicity and chemical stability.

Key Members:
Dr. Ir. Maaike van Derkamp,
Dr. Jean-Yves Clavier
Dr. Eric Français
Francisco Ruiz

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under Grant Agreement no: 609377