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As a centre for advanced studies, the overall mission of the Department of Building Physics and Building Ecology, Vienna University of Technology (TUW) is to promote, develop, and disseminate scientific and technical knowledge, methods, tools, and skills toward enhancing the sustainability and habitability of the built environment. The Department's research and teaching activities cover a wide spectrum, including building informatics (computational building performance assessment, integrated design support tools), building diagnostics and monitoring, building automation, building physics (thermal, visual, and acoustical performance of buildings), building ecology (energy efficient and sustainable building design and operation, life-cycle assessment of built environment). The Department has a sustained and successful track record in conducting nationally and internationally funded research projects especially in the areas of building physics, building diagnostics, and building automation.

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Leader of Task: 3.6.

Involvement in WP3 and WP4. Development of integrated window/HVAC controls. Modelling of the building/demo zones including the development of new window model, and development of weather predictive HVAC controls based on the model.

Key Members:
Ardeshir Mahdavi
Matthias Schuß

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under Grant Agreement no: 609377